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Social Studies, at its most basic, is the study of how people interact with the world around them. The state of Georgia requires courses that include content from history, geography, political science and economics.  Through this curriculum, students are provided with a basic background knowledge and the critical thinking skills that are necessary to become effective and productive citizens.

Griffin High School also provides a variety of elective courses in law, history, military history, psychology and Advanced Placement courses for those students who are interested in pursuing various disciplines of the Social Studies to a greater depth.

Social Studies

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Alexander Adams: 
 - Government/Civics 
Jessica Altz: 
 - U.S. History
Christopher Bailey: 
 - Social Studies Department Chair 
 - U.S. History Content Lead
 - Honors US History
 - AP US History
 - AP Government and Politics
 - AP Human Geography
Marc Campbell: 
 - U.S. History
Amy Crater: 
 - Psychology abd Sociology Content Lead
 - Psychology 
 - AP Psychology 
 - Sociology 
Wendy Goff: 
 - Government/Civics
Bobby Hall: 
 - World History
Terry Herrod:
 - Personal Finance and Economics Content Lead  
 - Economics
Peter Orapello: 
 - Government/Civics Content Lead
 - Government/Civics 
 - Honors Government
Willie Pucket: 
 - Sociology
 - Pshychology  
Ben Quick: 
 - On-level economics
 - Honors economics
 - AP Microeconomics
Michael Stacey: 
 - World History Content Lead
 - World History 
 - Honors World History
 - AP World History 
 - AP Human Geography
 - Dungeons & Dragons Club Sponsor
Warren Turner: 
 - World History

U.S. History EOTC Scores
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