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Team Recruiting Night will be held at 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 9, 2018 in the JROTC Department at Griffin High School.
Students standing at attention with speaker
Ret. Lt. Col. Allan Imes takes the oath of office from the cadets. Imes, who was the event’s guest speaker, had served as senior army instructor at Griffin High’s JROTC program for 17 years.
Student with instructor and parent getting cord attached to uniform
Lt. Col. Kayla Collett, center, the new commander of the Griffin High School JROTC’s Bear Battalion, receives her insignia from CSM Julius Lang, left, and Collett’s mother, Kimberly Arnold, during the program’s commissioning ceremony Thursday at the school. A total of 16 cadets were commissioned that day for leadership positions.

Ceremony held for 16 cadets

by Thomas HoeferGriffin Daily News

The Griffin High School (GHS) Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program held its annual commissioning ceremony Thursday at the school, moving a total of 16 cadets into leadership positions.

At the very top, Lt. Col. Kayla Collett will head the Bear Battalion as commander, with Maj. Grace McLean serving as executive officer. Capts. Jerry Albright, Charles Feltman, Ronald Kelley and Nathan Dowdy were installed as company commanders.

“Tonight, you are going to take the first step into being a leader,” said ret. Lt. Col. Allan Imes, who was the guest speaker of the ceremony. “It’s a baby step, but you can’t imagine what might be in store for you in the future.”

Imes, who served as senior army instructor at Griffin High for 17 years, told the audience how the school’s JROTC program has developed over the years by listing all things that didn’t exist when he first began his job – among them a commissioning ceremony. Imes also shared an experience he had during his service in the Vietnam War in which he had to make a difficult decision.

“You just can’t imagine the decisions you are going to have to make as a leader,” he said. “Sometimes, they are awful decisions to make.”

Perhaps his worst decision, Imes added, was to retire as Griffin High’s senior army instructor when he did, as he would have liked to stay in the program for a few more years.

“I love this program. I love this school. I congratulate you. I admire you,” he said to the cadets. “Good luck to you, and God bless you.”

In the ceremony’s closing remarks, current GHS JROTC Senior Army Instructor ret. Lt. Col. Jesse Pugh asked for continued support of the program.

“We like what we do. We like being part of this battalion,” Pugh said. “Everywhere we go we want people to know that we are Griffin.”

The other cadets commissioned during Thursday’s ceremony were Capt. Illyana Berry (Battalion S-1), Capt. Alegandrina Gonzalez (Battalion S-3), Capt. Ian Nichols (Battalion S-4), Capt. Kayla Brantley (Battalion S-5), Capt. Paulina Pierce (Special Staff Officer), 1st Lt. Andrea Hines (Company Executive Officer), 2nd Lt. Samuel Clemmons (Platoon Leader), 2nd Lt. Zachery Hill (Platoon Leader) and 2nd Lt. Ashlee Smith (Platoon Leader).

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JROTC 2012 Team Recruiting Night – 21 August 2012

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Student with instructor and parent getting cord attached to uniform
This year’s Bear Battalion commander, William Cross, receives the insignia to his uniform on Thursday. Retired Gen. Dale Nelson said the commissioning ceremony will change the lives of the cadets because they became leaders.

GHS JROTC holds Commissioning CeremonyTop of Page

Griffin High School’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps held its annual commissioning ceremony Thursday at the school, commissioning 28 students of the Bear Battalion for the 2011-2012 school year.

“The young men and women you recognize today — they are the future of this country,” said retired Gen. Dale Nelson, who was the ceremony’s guest speaker. “When they take that oath tonight, life changes for them, because they become leaders.”

Nelson, whose service in the armed forces stretched over 30 years, recognized the reputation of Griffin High’s JROTC, which he said reaches far beyond Spalding County. He also commended parents for raising their children the way they did.

“It starts at home. You parents ought to be extremely proud of what you’ve done,” he said.

With the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States only about a week away, what happened right after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, can serve as a lesson for young men and women everywhere, the guest speaker said.

“America right now, it’s a me-generation,” he said. “What you saw (on Sept. 11) was selfless service from people, from first responders. That is the generation we need to have. We need to train them, invigorate them, support them.”

The commissioning ceremony concluded with closing remarks by GHS JROTC Senior Army Instructor Lt. Col. Jesse Pugh.

Commissioned were Lt. Col. William Cross, battalion commander; Maj. Sara Howell, battalion executive officer; Capt. Joshua Hunt, Alpha Company commander; Capt. Shayla Frazier, Bravo Company commander; Capt. Blake Lawrence, Charlie Company commander; Capt. Quartney Alexander, Delta Company commander; Capt. Chrystina Tyler, Battalion S-1; Capt. Tiffany Crawford, Battalion S-2; Capt. Christopher Connally, Battalion S-3; Capt. Allie Lage, Battalion S-4; Capt. Taylor Walker, Battalion S-5; 1st Lt. Almishia Filler, Alpha Company executive officer; 1st Lt. Susan Aguilar, Bravo Company executive officer; 1st Lt. Shahayla Rollins, Charlie Company executive officer; 1st Lt. Elijah Jones, Delta Company executive officer; 2nd Lt. Joshua Calicott, special staff officer; 2nd Lt. Ebony Bryant, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Kieondra Daniel, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Tyeshia Foster, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Ashley Giles, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Joseph Godwin, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. David Jones, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Brittany Leaks, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Courtney Roach, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Haley Scott, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Austin Stapleton, platoon leader; 2nd Lt. Shanteri White, platoon leader; and 2nd Lt. Justin Youngberg, platoon leader.

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