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Exceptional Learning dept teachers in front of bleachers

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Students learn judicial process by participating in Mock TrialTop of Page

Under the gavel of "Judge" Quintarious O'Neal, GHS students participated in a Mock Trial experience.  Mr. Fortson and Mr. Leaks acted as attorneys, as students comprised the jury.
Boy with raised hand stands with hand on book held by woman.
One student standing while three others sit watching him
Six students sit in a circle in conversation
Six students stand with hands raised
Man sitting at table in black robe
Man standing in rob points at students also standing
Man in robe sitting at desk grabbing piece of paper
Man in robe holding piece of paper with students around him
One man standing, eight students sitting listening intently
Man standing, two others sitting listening.
Man standing holding paper, talking
Students from Ms. Couch’s class have been completing art projects based on some important people in history. The Jackie Robinson project had students complete a timeline then create an art project on there cognitive level. For the MLK Jr project students were given images and asked what they dreamed of accomplishing in life.
Male sudent sitting in a chair working on a project.
Male student holding project of male in bow tie and jacket.
Male student in wheel chair holding project of male in bow tie and jacket.
Male student standing by project of male in bow tie and jacket.
Male student standing by project of male in bow tie and jacket.
Male student sitting working on project
Project of baseball paper with number 42 on jersey
Boy sitting in chair working on project.
Boy sitting in wheel chair working on project.
Mr. Fortson, Mrs. Momon and Mrs. Couch combined forces to create a tribute of equality and a collaborative pop art poster on Rosa Parks. We learned how she was considered the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement and created the spark that started the fire behind the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955.

Students from left to right.
Back row: Tyreek Lanier, Hunter Smith, Nykeria Carson, Rj Daniel, Jeremiah Jones, Ashley Payton, Nathaniel King, and CJ Morgan.
Front row: JiQueria Lamar, Breana Machado, Hannah Lewis, Deshaun Ponder, and Kijuan Blandenburg.
Floor: Jamere Berry and DeQuan Turner.
Group of students standing in front of art project in commons

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