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Ms. Peluso
Every Thursday
After school in the Art Room (802)
Students have the opportunity to work on exciting projects they would not ordinarily do during class time, be a part of contests and other fun games, and make lasting friendships! We are like a family in Art Club and are always welcoming new members to be a part of our family. We have days that are planned activities (Chosen by the club, the club leaders, and me) and other days where you can choose from various options or work on a project of your own. Art club is all about doing what YOU want to do and how you choose to express yourself creatively.
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Art Club Participates in contest for VANS.

Art club is participating in a contest for VANS, where we could win up to $50,000 for the school. We also received free hats for all of art club (only a portion of art club is pictured in attached photo) that are made by VANS and TRUTH (the anti-smoking campaign.)
students standing in front of camera
career in the arts day

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