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Parents who need to register children for school:

Complete this online application and call (770) 229-3710 option 1 to schedule a registration appointment at Central Registration, 234 East Taylor Street, Griffin. (Click here for Central Office Campus map.)
The following required documents must be brought to the appointment to register a student.

1. Certified copy of the Certificate of Birth.

2. Certificate of Immunization, Form No. 3231.

3. Certificate of Eye, Ear & Dental Screening Examination, Form No. 33004.

4. Social Security Number or Waiver – Notify registrar if waiver is needed.

5. Proof of Residency – One item from each of the lists below.

  • Copy of mortgage statement/payment – dated with name and address
  • Copy of rental agreement agreement – this must include the names of all people living in the house, the name of the lease holder/company, expiratin date, signatures or a mortgage agreement

  • Copy of utility bill, telephone bill or cable TV bill – name and address must appear on statement.  The utility company will provide written verification.
  • Copy of current property tax bill/statement of value.
  • Copy of homeowner’s insurance policy/receipt – must be dated and show name and address.
  • Income tax form with address on it – current year only.
6. State Photo ID of LEGAL parent/guardian.

7. Proof of custody/guardianship if person other than the natural parent is registering the child. Legal proof of the guardianship is needed (i.e. court documents or DFACS papers.)

8. Withdrawal Form (all grades), discipline report and transcript for middle and high school students from previous school atended.

Employees’ Children – Please refer to policy JBD-R1 for more information.

How students can attend a Griffin-Spalding County school…

In two words: live here. For age-eligible students to attend school in the Griffin-Spalding County School System, the student and family must reside in Spalding County. No longer is there a provision for out-of-county residents to pay tuition to attend school. Students also are enrolled in the school that serves their particular residential area.

Residency is confirmed when the student and family present two documents that show the family unit lives within the applicable school zone.

Dr. Curtis Jones, Superintendent, says, “To attend one of our schools, students must live in the county. We do allow children of employees to attend our schools, and we do comply with federal law; other than those two exceptions, our students are Spalding County residents.”

If the student’s family unit moves to Spalding County to live with a friend or relative, the adult with whom the child/family is living and the parent/legal guardian may complete an Affidavit of Residency for School Attendance. This document ascertains that the family lives with the Spalding County adult and is notarized to that effect. The school system follows up with the family to obtain the proof of residency at the address given within 30 days. School system personnel also check to see if the former address has been vacated.

Certain exceptions under state and federal law

Students who qualify under Georgia Senate Bill 10 may petition to attend school.
Homeless students may attend school here under the provisions of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

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