Pawbotics Participates in the Atlanta Science Festival

atlanta science festival_featured


It was a cold and windy day on Saturday, but that did not stop the throngs of people interested in Science and Technology from coming out to Centennial Olympic Park for the Atlanta Science Festival. There were hundreds of presenters at the festival: small independent organizations, colleges, high schools, and small and large corporations.  The subject matter was also diverse: biology, chemistry, mechatronics, physics, energy,  and makers clubs. In the midst of all of this sat booth 116, sponsored by CEISMC and Pawbotics (Griffin High’s robotics team).

Pawbotics created a hungry hungry robots game, similar to Hungry Hungry Hipos, only that the hippo was a robot. Participants were allowed to drive the robot for 45 seconds to try and collect as many balls as possible and try for a new high score. The balls were different colors and each color represented a different point value. Additionally there was an obstacle course, designed and created by CEISMC, where participants were able to drive a robot through an obstacle course, Robodash, in an effort to achieve the fastest time. Thanks to the AMP-IT-UP grant, a partnership with NSF, Georgia Tech and Griffin-Spalding County Schools, the entire event was free for all participants. Once the event started participants were constantly gathered to try to compete for high scores.
If you missed all the fun at the Atlanta Science Festival, do not worry Hungry Hungry Robots and Robodash will be at the Great May Fling at the Griffin City Park the last weekend in April. Come on out and be part of the fun!
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