English Summer Reading Assignments

This year, as in any year, students are encouraged to read independently throughout the summer to maintain skills while they are not in school. In addition, the Griffin Spalding County Schools high schools have a reading assignment for students to complete prior to the end of the first week of school in August, 2014. Below are the assignments and other information related to the summer reading assignments for the summer of 2014:

Read and annotate (using the provided handout as a guide) one grade-level literary passage*.

• Read and complete the SOAPSTone chart (using the provided handout) for one grade-level informational passage*.

• Refer to the table below for the appropriate literary and informational passages for each grade level.

• Both the annotated passage and the SOAPSTone chart will be due to each student’s English teacher at the end of the first week of school in August.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.09.30 PM

9th Grade Literary Passage–The Lottery

9th Grade Informational Passage–Nelson Mandela

10th Grade Literary Passage–The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

10th Grade Informational Passage–When in Doubt, Doubt

11th Grade Informational Passage–A Teen’s flighty adventure raises worries over airport security

11th Grade Literary Passage–Barn Burning

12th Grade Literary Passage–The Chaser

12th Grade Informational Passage–How the Media