Area 6 Drill Meet

Area 6 is our JROTC State qualifying competition. On the 4th of February the competition was held at Maynard Jackson HS in Atlanta. Eighteen schools showed for the event, including GHS. The following are the results.

Platoon Exhibition Drill 

  • Male (13 cadets performing)     1st Place
  • Female (13 cadets performing) 1st Place

Squad Exhibition Drill 

  • Male  (7-9 cadets performing)         1st Place
  • Female (7-9 cadets performing)      2nd Place

Squad Regulation Drill

  • Male  (7-9 cadets performing)     4th Place

Dual Exhibition Drill 

  • Female    Sarah Brown/Kaitlin Frazier      2nd Place
    Kayla Brantley/Grace McLean  4th Place
  •  Male        Joshua Hunt/ Zachary Ray    1st Place

Individual Exhibition Drill 

  • Female   Kayla Brantley    2nd Place
    Grace McLean     3rd Place
    Quartney Alexander  5th Place
  •  Male      Axel Pirela     2nd Place
    Casey Miller   3rd Place
    Joshua Hunt  4th Place

Individual Knockout Drill UnArmed

  • Axel Pirela  1st Place
  • Tiffany Crawford  2nd Place
  • Sarah Brown  3rd Place

Individual Knockout Drill Armed(with M1903-A3 Rifle)

  • Brandon Hobbs  3rd Place