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Student Support Services Family Fair - August 1
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NOTICE: Clear and Mesh Book Bags 
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GHS, please be advised that students can ONLY carry clear or mesh bookbags on campus and in school. The entire bookbag must be clear or mesh-- not partially clear or mesh. Clutch purses (that are not clear) are allowed. If you have equipment for extracurricular activities that are carried in a bag, please see your activity advisor for further direction. Thank you for helping to ensure safety at GHS. Examples of appropriate bags are below.

clear bookbag Clutch mesh bookbag

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Student Testing and Research Resources and
Student Access to Ebooks and Audiobooks
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Do you enjoy reading? Do you have an assignment to do but you need access to online books?  Check out thousands of books here. Happy reading, bears!


Do you need resources for test preparation (including SAT and ACT), research or writing?  Check out millions of resources here.